10 Essentials For Summer Picnics

Add POSH TO THE NOSH: pack COLOUR and PATTERN along with a pork pie for your picnics this summer …


To those who spent their childhood reading – or pretending to be one of – Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, the picnic or impromptu clubhouse feast raised a few questions: why did Irish mothers never donate half a pork pie to their children; what was the provenance and purpose of potted shrimp; we had tasted ginger ale – desperate as we were for a fizzy drink of any persuasion – from small amber-coloured sticky bottles, but did it taste exactly the same as ginger beer? Picnic food was important, after all, when it came to a picnic. The setting too: the aftermath of a wasp sting, hot tears rolling down cheeks as you sat on a green and yellow plaid rug on the banks of the Shannon, a baked rock half-immersed in the salty Atlantic, blistering barnacles underfoot and sunburned skin, or a dull day beside Lough Dan in Wicklow, the sky a silvery-grey lid. You won’t remember a picnic because of the quality of the linen napkins or the fancy wine. You’ll remember it for other reasons, hopefully good ones. No harm though, to pack china mugs and a few tea towels-cum-generous napkins, a bottle of beer or two, ginger or hipster-hoppy, that pie that eluded you as a child, and an excellent cake. Whatever mystery you seek to solve, it’s always wise to pack a picnic and stop for lunch.

Picnic props:

Picnic basket, £90stg; www.sohohome.com.

Lobster linen tea towel, €17.95, at Article.

Persian hand-blown, hand-painted glass tumbler and jug, Lobmeyr, from a selection; www.modaoperandi.com.


Rattan Capri chair, €239, at Marks and Spencer.

Melamine plate, €19 for four, at Marks and Spencer.

Cherry beaded earrings, €6.99, at New Look.



Stripe Miami mug, €7, at Article.

Linen napkins, €22.99 for four; www.zarahome.com.



Bottle opener, €5.99, H&M Home.

Stripe throw, €22.99, H&M Home.

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