10 Books To Read This Summer

UPCOMING HOLIDAYS? Pop these books into your BEACH TOTE … 

Evening Descends Upon The Hills by Anna Maria Ortese is a portrait of post-war Naples by one of Italy’s most acclaimed writers. The collected stories inspired Elena Ferrante’s more recent Neapolitan novels. … The 50 Greatest National Parks of the World by Aaron Miller is not just a compendium of parks but also a window into some awe-inspiring experiences. … Closer to home, Mia Gallagher’s short stories and characters in Shift will resonate Des Ekin takes a roadtrip around the coast, following Ireland’s Pirate Trail and in the process uncovers infamous buccaneers including William Lamport of Wexford and Anne Bonny from Kinsale. He also debunks the myth of Granvaile, Mayo’s Pirate Queen Hotel Silence by Icelandic Literary prizewinner Audur Ava Olafsdottir is an uplifting tale of how to carry on in difficult circumstances … The Language of Kindness – A Nurse’s Story by Christie Watson is a memoir of her 20 years spent in wards documenting life and death For a page-turning thriller Emma Healey, who is the author of Elizabeth is Missing, follows up with Whistle in the Dark about a 15-year-old who goes missing for four days and returns a stranger Eithne Shortall also follows up on her debut novel (Love in Row 27) with Grace After Henry a poignant tale of trying to let go after losing love Finally, Recipes For Happiness by David and Stephen Flynn are quick, easy and healthy meals that can be rustled up in minutes

Penny McCormick

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