Would You Try Shared Living?

The CO-LIVING CONCEPT has proven popular in cities like London, Toronto and New York, and now NODE are introducing it in Dublin …

A Node residence in Brooklyn, New York

The concept of shared living is not entirely a new one. People have shared living accommodation for years, for a number of reasons. But what makes Node unique is that it is targeting a specific demographic – young working professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs – and aiming to build a worldwide community of “Nodies”. This may sound cult-ish, it’s not. It’s simply the idea of bringing like-minded people together under one roof. It can be an attractive option for young creatives moving cities for jobs who mightn’t know anyone when they arrive. Living at a Node residence will introduce them almost immediately to a network of similar, creative individuals.

Co-living is a trend that has been bubbling away over the past couple of years. The Collective in London is the world’s largest co-living building featuring a community of over 500 people. Artist Grayson Perry has teamed up with architecture firm Apparata to design a shared-living and studio space for artists in east London as part of an affordable housing scheme, car brand MINI has created the MINI Living building in Shanghai where a disused industrial complex was transformed into co-living apartments and offices, and Space10, an innovation lab funded by IKEA has created an online platform to research and develop concepts for shared living spaces.

While the idea of shared living has been mentioned as a potential way to address the housing crisis in Ireland and particularly Dublin, Node will not be a solution for the masses. Rooms at the new Node residence on Fitzwilliam Square start at €1,350 and are very much aimed at singles (rather than families) though you can apply to share a space with friends if you mention it in your application.

A Node residence in Brooklyn, New York

The application process involves sending in a bio about yourself and what you do. You are also asked to input your social media profiles for review. All of this is to ensure the residence has the right mix of tenants, but a mix who are all in some way similar. Ava Kilmartin, the community curator at Node Dublin tells us, “Anyone can apply, what we look for are people that want to get involved in community life within our residences and locally, that also want to know their neighbour.” Ava’s role will be to generate a sense of community in the residence and also to help residents integrate into the wider community through charity work and other initiatives. Regular social activities and events are organised by the community curator at each Node residence.

Node apartments come fully furnished meaning they are ideal for young creatives who move around a lot for work. You can essentially just show up with your suitcase full of clothes and toiletries and have everything you need. Two and three bedroom apartments with ensuites, kitchens and living areas are available, while the larger communal spaces include a resident’s lounge and outdoor areas. All apartments are designed with their target market in mind, they’re stylish rooms, and no one apartment is identical.

Render image of Node, Dublin

Going forward there will be opportunity for “Nodies” to organise short and long term room swaps in other Node residences worldwide. Ava says, “We will ultimately be able to host roommates, do global flat swaps or shorter term rentals for those who are Node residents. At its heart, our vision is to create a globally connected community of people who want to engage in the local life in each of the cities that they live or visit – and on a much more authentic level.”

While it won’t be for everyone, it’s a forward-thinking initiative that has proven successful in other cosmopolitan cities in the UK, Canada and the US. This stylish alternative to Dublin’s soaring rents will be welcomed by young creatives looking to immerse themselves in a community-focused environment.

Node Dublin will open in March, interested residents can apply online here.

Síomha Connolly

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