The Pharmacy Skin-strengthening Serum We’re Swearing By

This TRIED AND TESTED French skincare product is the latest addition to our BEAUTY ROUTINE



Lots of people still think that how your skin looks is entirely down to your parents. However the most recent research finds this isn’t quite the case: in fact, 80 per cent of ageing is not genetic – it is behaviour related. It’s about how much sun you get, your lifestyle, and your exposure to UV and pollution that has a huge impact on your skin; studies on twins living very differently in these ways have shown the difference that protecting your skin can have. Your skin is your first line of defence, so it’s key to have strong skin. Forget “anti-ageing” and “anti-wrinkle” creams – the focus in skincare now is about making the very best of the skin that you have, with an emphasis on strong skin that’s healthy from the inside out.

Pre-serums are a key part of skincare routines in Asia, as the first thing you put on your skin to promote its daily health and protect its barrier. We really didn’t need yet another layer of skincare to faff with in the morning, but we loved the idea of a “dose of strength”, so tried out Vichy’s Mineral 89, a light moisturising formula containing minerals to boost skin, alongside the highest ever concentration of hyaluronic acid (0.4%) that Vichy have ever included in daily skincare. This means it helps to pull the water into the skin, giving it a boost of  hydration and so plumpness. Its main ingredient is Vichy Mineral Water to detox and rebalance skin. We’re really impressed by how hydrating and appealingly pure it is (it can be used on the eye area) and, crucially, it’s silicone-free so won’t make your skincare flake or crumble like some serums do. We love that it’s tried and trusted French skincare, has a short ingredients list (11 ingredients and no parabens) and is €22. It’s the current pick of your local pharmacy and is a great way to get a healthy looking glow in your skin.

Sarah Halliwell

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