The Autumn Colour To Wear Now

This season add an ORANGE ITEM to your wardrobe or interior, and BASK IN THE GLOW

Bottega Venetta AW17, Jason Lloyd Evans

1920s philosopher and wacky educationalist Rudolf Steiner believed the seven cosmically determined colours of the rainbow had particular properties and effects on the observer, or wearer, of a certain colour. A red sweater was prescribed for “the excitable child”, while “blue walls create an atmosphere conducive to significant, deep discussion.” While orange, with its “tinge of the supersensible”, (meaning unknowable, not overly cautious) defied RS categorisation, we know it to be the colour of our battered old Penguin Classics, boxes from Hermès, butternut squash soup, falling leaves, flames licking around seasoned logs: the colour-signifier of autumn. On the Bottega Veneta catwalk, amber wool skirts were paired with magenta sweaters: IRL, link orange to grey or navy. Add an orange item to your wardrobe or interior, and bask in the glow …

Pumpkin folded-side wool pencil skirt, Bottega Veneta,

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