Smooth Operator: Discover The All New BMW X2

STYLISHLY SPORTY, the dynamic new BMW X2 dazzles Penny McCormick with its good looks, SIZZLING PERFORMANCE and tempting PERSONALISATION OPTIONS


A sleek design with a stretched-out coupé-style roof and slim windows gives the BMW X2 an elegant, sporty feel. For those who don’t know, the X in X2 stands for crossover: this model has all the characteristics of an SUV without the bulk and weight. It’s shorter and lower than its sister the BMW X1 but its wheelbase is the same – so it is aerodynamic in both look and feel. 


BMW aficionados will appreciate the new grille style and the new logos on the side corners of the X2, which is a nod to famous 1970s BMW models. The new launch colour, Galvanic Gold, sparkled against the backdrop of sunny Lisbon, though I loved Misano Blue too.


The BMW X2 is a smooth but powerful drive – the two-litre turbo engine can sprint from 0 to 100kmph in 6.3 seconds, but is very efficient, meaning less trips to the petrol station.
A Standard eight-speed automatic gearbox means the car is fun and engaging to drive, a typical BMW characteristic. As a go-anywhere drive, it ticked all the boxes. I particularly liked the eye-catching wheel spokes. As for the couture details – the pearl-effect dashboard with leather trim and contrast yellow stitching, matching the exterior colour impressed. 


Inside, the BMW X2 is spacious, with generous head and legroom front and back. I liked the low-set driving position and sporty seats. The dash is reassuringly intuitive to read and there are lots of personalisation permutations on offer: just how to choose?


The BMW X2 is a smart drive with lots of built-in perks: how about Traffic Jam Assistant, Parking Assistant or Driving Plus Assistant? The “Send My Routes To Car” function allows you plan journeys in advance and transmit to the X2 before you get in! In fact, you may never want to get out of this car at all.

Prices start from €43,960 on the road for the X2 SE 18d; visit

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