Seeing Stars: The Latest Collection From Helena Malone

The IRISH JEWELLERY DESIGNER looks towards the GLITTERING NIGHT SKY for inspiration … 


First introduced as part of Create at Brown Thomas at the beginning of the autumn, Helena Malone’s Celestial Sphere collection won much acclaim for its thoughtful inspiration and beautiful craftsmanship. The following that she earned is surely one of the reasons she has popped up again in the Marvel Room for the Christmas season, this time with an extension of that same collection, in the form of some of the most clever – and beautiful – rings we have seen this year.


Malone acknowledges that as the nights draw in and the festive spirit takes over, it’s only natural that we look towards the glittering night sky for inspiration. So, with that in mind, she has drawn on individual star signs for these pieces, with each corresponding constellation mapped out across a giant cream pearl with inlaid gold, then set on an 18ct gold band. Hand made, the work is intricate, and as admitted by Malone herself, “challenging” – but the elegant results speak for themselves. Pictured above (top) is the pattern corresponding to the prowess of a Leo; next is the ring dedicated to the passion of this month’s Scorpio. Delicate and discreet, the collection is a fabulous way to wear (and gift) something truly personal – it is available exclusively from Malone herself, as well as at Brown Thomas Dublin.

Natasha Sherling

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