How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring

BRIDE-TO-BE? Here are a few KEY TIPS to keep in mind when choosing a WEDDING RING


Watch out for metals – generally speaking, the wedding ring will be stacked with an engagement ring, so the metals need to correspond. Platinum is tougher than gold; 9ct is tougher than 18ct – the rings need to match so one doesn’t wear the other one down over time. Mixing gold colours is no problem and can look very chic – we also love the idea not just of mixing tones, but mixing textures; London-based Jessica McCormack has some of the most beautiful options – her bamboo silhouette is top of many a wishlist.

If considering a diamond band, be aware that it is very difficult to size rings with diamonds set the full way around. If fingers get larger or smaller after the wedding, the only option may be to reset the stones completely. Many styles are also available set half way around; this can prove a great option to allow for any future alterations.

Finally – don’t leave the rings until the last minute! Allow plenty of time to ensure you are happy with the size before the big day. This is especially relevant for grooms, who are often not used to wearing jewellery – it is definitely of benefit to them to wear theirs even around the house, to make sure they are entirely happy, and to ensure there is time to perfect everything in advance.

Natasha Sherling

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