Maria Tash Brings Piercing to Brown Thomas

Discover MARIA TASH‘s exquisite FINE JEWELLERY where diamonds, pearls and coloured gems are fashioned as flowers, crowns and stars …


Ask me about my favourite piercer and I’ll say Maria Tash. I first discovered her ten years ago while living in New York, when she pierced my rook (the top inner part of the ear). And my tragus (that’s the bit slightly shielding the ear canal) now also holds one of her studs. I have sent everyone I know to her; anyone that was looking for a ‘funny’ piercing heading to NYC – she was a must-see in my book. It wasn’t just for her piercing ability – the real draw is her jewellery, crafted in precious metal and set with twinkling gems; totally unique in a piercing world more often filled with surgical steel and rave-era neon details. Now, those ‘unusual’ piercings are de rigeur, and the demand for fine jewellery to go with them has become so high that after successfully testing the waters in Liberty of London, Tash will open up a pop up in Brown Thomas Dublin next Friday, September 1.


Her aesthetic influence comes from the east; it can be seen in the scrollwork and detailed flourishes on every piece. Plain studs are available – but surely diamonds, pearls and coloured gems fashioned as flowers, crowns and stars are harder to resist. Don’t balk at the price! Mine have been in for over a decade now, and even though I promised myself I’d eventually be taking them out, I’ve thankfully never needed to – they might be the only two pieces of jewellery I never change. Her arrival in Dublin has me itching to get something new – the only question surrounds where I’ll put it.


The Maria Tash pop-up will be open from September 1-10 on Level 2 at Brown Thomas Dublin.

Natasha Sherling

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