Interior Designer Jackie Sherling On Her Gardening And Interior Styles

Interior designer and garden owner JACKIE SHERLING seeks inspiration from the perennial PLEASURE OF FLOWERS … 


ON FLORAL DRESSES … I love this floral dress from Burberry (above). I’m a fan of print on print so I wear it with a Burberry signature check scarf, but in black and pink. ON DECORATING … I much prefer my decorating florals in a vase, not on a sofa or curtains. This year, I must have planted 7,000 bulbs so there is always something gorgeous to pick and arrange. ON PICTURE PAINTING … My relationship with flowers gives me an opportunity to paint a picture every day: while nature has its own way of doing things, you get to organise it a bit too. ON ROSA BUFF BEAUTY … This is the first garden I have ever had where I have grown roses and Buff Beauty is my favourite: it’s a beautiful hybrid musk rose with arching branches and I’ve planted it in a raised bed just where we eat in the garden. The golden yellow blooms fade to apricot, then primrose, and it flowers over and over. ON GARDEN LUNCH … My idea of summer entertaining is a buffet, with guests able to wander and gather in small groups in different parts of the garden. Every area has a different mood. It’s interesting to see where people drift to! ON INTERIOR STYLE … I’m a modernist and I don’t like interiors that are predictably tasteful. I mix things up so the overall effect is homely, not overly planned looking.


ON SHEPHERD’S COTTAGE … Our country cottage is now part of the National Garden Scheme and was open to the public in June to raise money for charity. This is a new obsession for me – I was even interviewed by Alan Titchmarsh. ON CHARACTER CHANGES … All the flower beds change character over the seasons, much as we do. The changes create optimism – just as fashion does. ON COLOUR SCHEMES … A current favourite is a combination of purple and orange – orange roses with purple alliums and aquilegia. Modern and a bit retro too. ON MAKING A MEADOW … I’m enjoying our new wildflower meadow, which provides a show for many months.

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