How To Serve Champagne

Prepare for NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS with EXPERT TIPS on how to serve champagne …


Margareth Henriquez, glamorous and charismatic president of the venerable house of Krug for the last ten years, knows a thing or two about serving champagne. This Christmas, she will serve Grande Cuvée 160ème Édition (a blend of 121 wines, with aromas of marzipan, gingerbread and fruit) in a white wine glass. Full-bodied and complex, Krug is created to be enjoyed with food so, as she says, “you wouldn’t serve Petrus in a flute”. With a stellar champagne, supper can be luxuriously simple – oysters, ham, mature Parmesan and a tarte tatin. She will also use the Krug ID, six digits on the label of every bottle, on the Krug app, to conjure more food suggestions and a specially chosen playlist to accompany each bottle. “Drink champagne and it’s delicious, drink champagne with this specially selected music, and see how the taste is amplified.”

Sarah McDonnell

Krug Winter Tasting Menu, Wilde at The Westbury.

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