How To Put A Fresh Face Forward in 2018

Embrace a FRESH NEW APPROACH to beauty this year and DECLUTTER YOUR BATHROOM SHELF, says beauty editor Sarah Halliwell …

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We’re casting off winter excesses – the gold-flecked moisturisers, the glinting metallics, the rich plum lipsticks. There’s a prevailing mood in beauty of paring back, of lightening up the layers. Time to focus just on what we need and what suits us – and to quit following the Insta-masses. No wonder that “fresh” is the key word at beauty launches right now. Just as we’re trying to eliminate waste in fashion, in food, it’s time to correct beauty excesses, and declutter shelves – to ditch the make-up equivalents of rotting bagged salad. Try starting from scratch, keeping only a ready-to-go bag of things that always make you feel better. The same goes for endless skincare routines; we can feel too dependent on the lotions targeted at every aspect of our beleaguered faces. So we’re highlighting what’s really essential, and what to live without …

CLEANSE CLEVER … If your skin feels tight you’re not using the right cleanser,” says Janet Curmi of Elizabeth Arden. “It shouldn’t feel tight or stripped; try an oil cleanser as it won’t remove too much good bacteria from the skin.” Probiotics continue to be a big focus in skincare in 2018; try it in Arden’s new Superstart Cleanser, which works wonders for dry skin. “Probiotics calm skin and make it more resilient. Even if your skin is generally pretty good, you need a probiotic just for maintenance, and to maintain balance so that everything else works effectively.” If you have acne or rosacea, glycolic and salicylic acid cleansers are excellent, notes Dr Naomi Mackle, dermatologist at Dublin’s Adare Clinic, but can be irritating so might need to be combined with other products.

PARE IT BACK … Ideally, have your skin assessed by an expert and learn what you do and don’t need. For example, the ubiquitous hyaluronic acid: “Hyaluronic acid is quite rich so it can be used around the eyes at any age, but for full face application it is better for a mature woman’s skin,” notes Dr Mackle.

YOU DON’T NEED … tons of foundation. Get yourself a good concealer (we recommend Arden’s creamy new Stroke of Perfection Concealer, €25) – keep it in the car for daylight touch-ups. YOU DO NEED  to make skin glow. The primer is making a comeback, helping us avoid the need for layers of cover: try Sisley’s super-light Instant Correct Colour Correcting Primer; Clarins’ SOS Primer preps skin and boosts radiance. And embrace your favourite things – a bright lip colour, or a masterful mascara, to give you a lift. Try wearing one by one rather than all at once.

THROW OUT … Your mascara. We all keep them for far too long; you should replace after three months if you want to avoid eye infections. Observe expiry dates on creams, too. “Serums with vitamin C can discolour and lose their efficacy so use as soon as you buy it,” advises Dr Mackle. “Keep away from direct sunlight, and in the fridge if not using immediately.” Over a third of us only throw items away when the product is finished, one survey found. As Make Up For Ever’s creative director Annie Gribbin notes: “It’s vital to regularly clean out your make-up bag to prevent the build-up of bacteria that can damage your skin. And if you invest in quality brushes and clean them regularly, they will last for years.”

MAKE ONE CHANGE … “Embrace good fats,” says fitness expert Pat Divilly. “Omega 3 and 6 fats are essential to your body’s wellbeing, especially your heart, brain and eyes – but also for the quality of skin and hair. Add them into your diet by eating omega-rich foods (oily fish, avocados, flaxseeds, walnuts) or supplementing with a quality organic oil such as Udo’s Oil.”

Sarah Halliwell

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