Have You Ever Tried Pineapple Tomatoes?

If not, now is your chance with food editor TRISH DESEINE‘s tasty recipe …

Pineapple tomatoes roasted with basil, young pecorino and chilli

Wherever you are this week I hope the tomatoes are as glorious as those I’m enjoying here in the Languedoc. I practically jumped on these lovely heirloom Pineapple tomatoes while shopping yesterday. They are firm, meaty and beautiful, and their fruity flavour makes them stand up well to robust Mediterranean ingredients.

The young Pecorino I used in the recipe came already flecked with chilli, but you could use plain, more mature cheese and plenty of black pepper for a cacio et pepe taste.


For 4

25 minutes preparation

25 minutes cooking

200g rice (plain, Basmati or wholegrain)

150g pecorino or another full flavoured hard cheese, grated.

Olive oil

Plenty of basil

Salt and black pepper (or chilli flakes)

Cook the rice, drain and reserve.

Pre heat the oven to 180C.

Slice the tops off the tomatoes, cut out the lovely yellow flesh and dice roughly. Mix it into the warm rice with the grated cheese, pepper or chilli. Season with salt if needs be – the cheese is already salty.

Fill the tomato cavities with the mixture, pop the tops back on, loosely, sprinkle with a little salt and olive oil and bake for about 25 minutes, until the tomatoes are tender and the rice is slightly browned. Serve hot with plenty of fresh basil, letting it infuse in the cooking liquor.


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