Glossy Wedding Gift Guide: The Gift of Art

To help you choose the perfect wedding gift for the ART-LOVING COUPLE, we share THREE GALLERIES we have bought from and rate for their GOOD SERVICE and APPROACHABLE ATTITUDE …

La Balencoire by Anthony Murphy at The Oriel Gallery

It’s not unusual to be choosing a gift for a couple who already have a nicely designed, well-furnished home. But very few art-loving couples, even those who might be older, have all the art they could ever want. Giving them the opportunity to own, or buy for themselves, an interesting painting, drawing or piece of sculpture, is a very special, thoughtful gesture. Getting together with friends will widen the horizons when choosing, something, says Mandy Williams of The Oriel Gallery, that is becoming very popular.

Friendly gallery owners and directors can guide you through a process to help you choose. You can describe the couple’s tastes and even show them photos of their living space if you have them. You’ll learn plenty in the process yourself … one of the nicest things about investing in art is the relationships made with gallery owners and possibly even a friendship with the artists themselves.

Here are three galleries we have bought from and rate for their good service and approachable attitude…

The Oriel Gallery

Celebrating 50 years in business, The Oriel Gallery on Clare Street has exhibited paintings by the most prominent names in Irish art including Paul Henry, Jack B Yeats, Walter Osborne, Daniel O’Neill, William Conor, JH Craig, Percy French and Markey Robinson (there’s a Robinson exhibition starting there on March 8). The collection includes paintings by Victor Richardson, Liam O’Neill, Elizabeth Cope, Alicja Urbaniak, Willie Evesson, Anthony Murphy and Neil Shawcross. Specialists in 19th-21st century Irish paintings, watercolours and sculpture, they are recognised experts in the works of Markey Robinson and Percy French and provide advice on the re-sale of works of art. Mark Nulty (son of Oriel founder Oliver Nulty and a font of knowledge) and Mandy Williams will help you choose a beautiful piece of art, from the relatively modestly price upwards. You can also buy a gift voucher.

The Oriel Gallery, 17 Clare Street, Dublin 2,

Still life with ceramics by Martin Mooney at The Trinity Gallery

The Trinity Gallery

Almost next door to The Oriel is The Trinity Gallery, formed a few years ago from Imelda Collins’ Sandford Gallery in Ranelagh and Loretta Meaghar’s Leinster Gallery. Specialising in still lifes (we love Brian Ballard, Martin Mooney and Matt Grogan) and landscapes, they also feature sculpture and have a lovely Norah Guinness RHA in their current exhibition, New Works, which runs until the end of March. Gift vouchers can be purchased for any monetary value, providing the perfect gift for any special occasion. Fine art dealing, restoration referral, hanging, and framing advice are all part of the comprehensive service Collins and Meagher offer clients. Regular clients are also welcome to avail of the opportunity to take paintings and sculpture out on loan to try in their homes before deciding to buy.

The Trinity Gallery, 19 Clare Street, Dublin 2,

Inverter by Tom Climent at Solomon Fine Art

Solomon Fine Art

Solomon Fine Art, established in 1981, is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary art galleries and represents Irish and international artists working in both figurative and abstract styles. The Solomon is particularly well known for sculpture – the Stephanie Hess: Menagerie exhibition (beautiful wooden carved animals) ends this Saturday. Three of our favourite painters at The Solomon are Tom Climent, Clifford Collie and Bridget Flinn. We’re also interested in Austin Hearne’s intriguing ink-jet prints on gesso board, which are finished with wax polish. Tara Murphy, director, is always delighted to meet a new client and will give you good advice and lots of interesting detail about the works. The Easter Group Exhibition runs from March 9-31. So check out the website for a full roster of artist and sculptors.

Solomon Fine Art, 2 Balfe Street, Dublin 2,

Sarah McDonnell

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