Five Minutes With … Caroline Hirons

Get to know SKINCARE EXPERT Caroline Hirons and find out the products she CAN’T BE WITHOUT


Skincare expert Caroline Hirons (170k Instagram followers and counting) is coming to Dublin this weekend. She’s known for being straight-talking about beauty, and we had five minutes with her to ask a few quick questions …

What do you get asked about most often by teenagers? And by older women? ‘How do I fix my pores?’ And ‘How do I fix my eye bags?’ I find that neither is usually in need of actually ‘fixing’.

What skincare product do you always go back to, no matter what else you’re trying out? So many. My Double Cleanse, Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair, Zelens Vitamin D, Ceramidin moisturiser.

What new launches are you most excited about at the moment? Not much to be honest. I think it’s all a little samey.

Any Irish beauty products or lines that you particularly rate? I don’t know enough about Irish lines outside of Pestle & Mortar, who I have supported since the beginning.

What are your absolute pet hates when it comes to beauty products? Misleading is probably number one. I don’t mind pricing, brands have a right to charge what they like for their products. People don’t have to buy it. But lying about results/efficacy etc. is unacceptable.

What’s your take on under-25s having interventions such as lip fillers and aspiring to look like Kardashians? How do we encourage younger girls/teens to have confidence in their own looks and not feel pressure to look a certain way, or have a line-free, pumped-up face? I don’t have a problem with people doing whatever they want to themselves. It’s their body. And I don’t personally think that The Kardashians are bad influences. My daughter and I watch them together and have a laugh. Kim Kardashian, from what I can see, has a good work ethic. Nothing wrong with that. It’s up to me to influence my children, not the media.

Do you think in recent times we’ve all become too vain and obsessed with how we look? No. We’ve always been obsessed with how we look. Teenagers have always been anxious about their looks. Social media has only amplified that everyone feels the same way.

Favourite beauty reads? I read nearly every single magazine on the market, within reason. Anything to do with beauty, Allure, WWD, but I mainly read online content and watch YouTube.

Are there any beauty gadgets you regard as being worth investing in? None. If you have hands you’re good to go.

Do you have a signature perfume? Yes – hysterically called ‘I Am A Sex Goddess’. Imagine saying that when people ask ‘what are you wearing?’. Mortifying. I should just lie and say ‘Chanel’.

Caroline Hirons will be holding a Pixi skincare masterclass at Arnotts Style Sessions this Saturday, September 30 at 12pm. Arnotts Style Sessions take place from Thursday September 28 to Sunday October 1. For more details or to reserve a place, see

Sarah Halliwell

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