Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Flowers From Worm London

Meet WORM LONDON founders TERRI CHANDLER and KATIE SMYTH, the Irish duo setting London alight with their CREATIVE FLORAL DISPLAYS and flower delivery service …

What are the key floral trends for 2018? Keep it natural-looking: a picked-from-the-garden, wildflower look, using the flowers that are best for the time of year. Greenery is still a huge part of SS18 schemes; use foraged materials such as old man’s beard, and wild ferns and grasses.

Your favourite wedding colour schemes? We love the colour range of Icelandic poppies; candy pastel tones with a strong red that brightens and surprises.

How do you approach table centrepieces? It depends on the table set-up. It can’t be too high so that people can’t chat: something low, natural and wild with jasmine creeping out towards the guests is preferable. On long banquet-style tables, we use different height stemmed jars. Marquees lend themselves to hanging structures like greenery over the tables or ceiling garlands.

What floral pieces are brides wearing now?

The bouquet is still the main piece that brides concentrate on. People are a bit more wary of hair garlands as they often want their wedding style to be timeless and the style of hair garland that is popular now may seem old fashioned when you look back at it in 30 years time. Things like that come and go with trends.

There are not many days in your life that you get away with carrying a bunch of your favourite flowers as an accessory and hopefully it’s a tradition that will stay. We notice more and more that people are stepping away from tradition and making their wedding day their own, walking up the aisle together, not wearing white, not having seating plans, top tables and formal meals etc.. which we think is great but the bouquet seems to be here to stay, even if it is a few stems picked from the garden that morning. When we meet older ladies and tell them we are florists, they always remember what flowers were in their wedding bouquet 70 years ago, that’s what makes it special for us, knowing those flowers we choose and put together that day are special and will always remain in their memories.

The most interesting bouquet you’ve created? One of our first brides wanted her flowers to be food-led. We sourced the materials at the local farmers market, weaving kale, purple runner beans and baby artichoke into the bouquet of wild sweetpeas, nigella and peonies.

Where do you take inspiration from for your floral creations?

We both feel hugely inspired by the wildflowers we were surrounded by growing up in Ireland. They are so important in Irish culture really. When you watch films like the Quiet man, the native flowers feel like one of the heroes of the film. We both adored picking flowers for our May alters when we were small. I don’t think you realise how significant they are until you meet people who grew up in countries that don’t have a real garden culture.

What are your favourite native Irish flowers? Sea asters, wild carrot, snowdrops, foxgloves, honesty, gorse, old mans beard and sweetpeas.



Síomha Connolly

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