Chanel’s Innovative New Way To Wear Lipstick For SS18

These new LIP POWDERS are all we want to wear NEXT SPRING


Last week, we were at the launch of Chanel’s spring/summer 2018 beauty collection, Neapolis, which arrives here at the end of January. Creative director Lucia Pica was inspired by the sights and energy of her hometown, Naples, surely Italy’s most underrated city: “Neapolis means newness, a good symbol of the attitude of the city and its spirit, and also of the collection,” Pica told us. “It’s a way of revisiting my childhood – a portrait of and a love letter to the city, which is always grand but never vulgar.” Words that could sum up this collection: this, notes Pica, is the make-up of “a modern femme fatale”.

Creative Director of Chanel beauty Lucia Pica

This is certainly a fresh and new interpretation of the colours of an ancient city. There are a few stand-out pieces, notably a vivid green eyeliner, Mare-Chiaro, which works especially well with dark eyes, and a vivid yellow nail colour, Giallo Napoli – dazzlingly sunny against dark or tanned skin – which captures the brilliance of painted tiles at the Cloister of Santa Chiara in Naples, one of Pica’s favourite places to visit. But most brilliant of all are the Lip Powders – essentially lipstick, deconstructed. Pica has separated the balm and the colour pigment so you apply them one after the other, just as frescoes were traditionally painted, the pigment applied onto a prepared wet surface.


This way of applying lip colour adds depth and looks more vibrant. “It gives very intense colour but still feels part of your skin,” notes Pica. It has a really comfortable and intriguing texture that’s not drying. There are three shades (a pale pink and warmer red and rose) to experiment with, and Pica demonstrated how to mix or layer them for different effects, or tap on over lipstick. The possibilities are endless, and the stained, painterly effect – “a memory of a lip” – is a striking new way to wear lip colour. “The important thing with a strong eye and strong lip is to keep skin really fresh – this is key for a modern look,” advises Pica. “I believe in using make-up to express personality and create character.”

Paired with the green liner, these lip powders are all we want to wear next spring. Prepare for waiting lists when they land here early in 2018…

Sarah Halliwell

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