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BEAUTY INSIDERS share what’s inside their TRAVEL BEAUTY kits …


The art of packing is one that constantly challenges us, particularly beauty products – what to take and what to leave behind, and what to squeeze into that pesky plastic bag? It’s a question of taking all the essentials, but also some luxuries to enjoy while you have the time. So we asked beauty insiders and constant travellers to reveal their travel beauty kits…



TV presenter Angela Scanlon on her holiday beauty essentials.

What do you always take with you without fail?

SPF; I have tried every brand available, I’m a factor 50 woman and it’s tricky to find one that protects my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist is my current favourite. Because I have to wear make-up for work I tend to want to go barefaced when on holiday. Maybe a red lippie (Chanel Pirate or Bobbie Brown “Pot Rouge”) for a little flush of colour.

Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF50 Dry Mist €22.99 RRP

Your beauty luxuries?

Ohh, anything by Sisley; their Black Rose mask is so luxurious. Carmex lip balm because chapped lips are the pits. I make my own candles with essential oils so I’d pop one of these bad boys in there too.

Plastic bag favourites for on board a plane, and what are you always frustrated to have to left behind…? 

Avene thermal water spray. When your skin is like a withered raisin from flying this is brilliant. And lavender oil. I bring it everywhere!

Perfumes you find especially summery or uplifting when travelling?

The smell: rose. I love the smell of grannies and flowers and this is the ideal combination. If I want something a little punchier, Jo Malone London Oud.

If you were to have one beauty treatment before travelling what would it be?

A facial. If my skin is good I feel so much more confident. Otherwise reflexology, it’s a real treat, I love alternative therapies and tapping into a more holistic way of living. I must be the most annoying client though as I insist on asking about every single twinge.

Any hair saviours to protect your hair while in the sun?

Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Milk and Macadamia Nut Oil 3 in 1 hair mask, it smells like holiday! I don’t style or add any products to my hair while I’m away. So condition at night, a sea dip and wild, salty hair…. that’s the DREAM!

Millie and Anna Diary D


The hugely experienced co-founders of online beauty boutique Beauty Mart, Anna-Marie Solowij, ex-Vogue beauty editor, and beauty retail expert Millie Kendal (also co-founder of Ruby & Millie cosmetics)  share their travel beauty must-haves.

Holiday beauty essentials – what do you always take with you without fail?

Anna: James Read Express Glow Mask. It tans quickly, doesn’t leave skin feeling dry and because I have a spray tan with James before I travel and use a high SPF in the sun, I don’t run the risk of coming back paler at the end of my holiday than the beginning.

Millie: I love the new skinSense Serum, it really does last all day and works like a primer for anything I put on my face afterwards. The Votary Jasmine and Calendula oil is nice and light for summer, and I make sure my skin is topped up with moisture thanks to Su-Man’s Rehydrating Toning Essence. I like to keep my make-up fresh when it’s warmer, so the glossy Lid Tints by Jillian Dempsey, especially the Peach shade, are perfect. It’s Skin Babyface Blushers are my latest obsession from South Korea – they’re adorable and the pastel shades are great for perking up skin.

Hotel bathroom at Soho House, New York
Hotel bathroom at Soho House, New York



Beauty luxuries – if you were to design your perfect hotel room, what luxury beauty items would it provide?

Anna: A masseur in a cupboard? No, seriously, if I could send a list in advance to a hotel of my product requirements, and if they were there on arrival, that would be such a boon – nothing to carry, spill, decant, or declare at airport security – heaven!

Millie: I love discovering new products in hotel rooms. I always get quite excited to see what is laid out for me in the bathroom. Hotel bedding is a major luxury I think and besides beauty products, beauty sleep is the ultimate luxury.

What are your plastic bag favourites for on board a plane, and what are you always frustrated to have to left behind…?

Anna: Lip balm (Embryolisse is great, and for any other dry bits too); face oil (Olixia Explorer Blend); hand cream (Tony Moly Pokemon Pikachu hand cream is too cute to leave behind, and it’s a small tube); hair band; Annee de Mamiel Altitude Oil is something I never travel without – it smells wonderful, helps clear the air, a blocked nose and helps me sleep, plus I’m convinced it keeps the insects away. I always leave a nail file behind and always need one after lugging bags around.

Millie: I have actually always been quite stubborn about the plastic bag issue and never used one until this year, and strangely got away with it until February when my Aromatherapy Associates travel oils were confiscated. Now I just take my Prismologie hand cream on the plane and bag it.



Any perfumes you find especially summery or uplifting when travelling?

Anna: My all time favourite is 4711 Eau de Cologne and I always travel with the deodorant and in the Cool Stick. Its lemony, herbal scent is always refreshing and the Cool Stick is great for pulse points when it gets too hot.

Millie: I like IF by Apothia, and I also like roll-ons just because they are great to pop into your bag.



If you were to have one beauty treatment before travelling what would it be?

Anna: A pedicure at Tonton Nails in Highgate, London (020 8341 0293) using Chanel’s Holiday (above) – a vivid orangey/coral colour. There’s nothing better for sandal-ready feet.

Millie: I agree with Anna and I go to the same place, but I would use the Models Own nail polish.

Any hair saviours to protect your hair while in the sun?

Anna: I use Christophe Robin Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender every day to protect and treat hair. I love hair oil and especially this one with its lavender aroma. My hair always comes back better not worse, despite being in the sun.

Millie: I like beach hair, so I shamefully don’t protect it but will let as much salt water at it as possible.

Sarah Halliwell

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