A Revival of a Classic Watch Brand

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Tudor watches are slightly under the radar – vintage models pop up at auction, but new versions are only available here at Weir & Sons. They are timepieces that fascinate collectors, their rich history a point of interest – but with the announcement of David Beckham as their new brand ambassador, we can imagine that there are going to be a lot more people coveting this storied watch brand.

Apparently, Beckham was first drawn to the brand through his love of Rolex – and unsurprisingly so, considering Tudor was developed by Rolex owner Hans Wilsdorf in 1946 to meet the market for a watch with the dependability for which his existing brand was famous, but at a more competitive price point.


It was a great partnership; in the beginning, there was an abundant amount of design similarities: the bigger crowns, high-set cases, uncluttered faced and straps were all features that were almost at one with Rolex and even the names, on occasion, were similar: Submariners, Oysters, and Date-Day all feature in the titles of some Tudor watches. Notable differences came in the materials used – for example, Tudors made use of stainless steel rather than gold. The biggest difference comes with the movements – Rolex Tudor watches used movements supplied by Swatch Group-owned ETA, as opposed to Rolex, which used their own.

In the 1990s that Tudor and Rolex were officially separated, each reaching new heights of excellence in watchmaking – and with David Beckham now spreading the good word, we can only imagine that Tudor will soon rival its bigger, bolder brother in the eyes of watch lovers everywhere.

Natasha Sherling

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