Find Out The Skincare Products THE GLOSS Team Swear By

From the key to faking a GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP to realising the importance of wearing SPF, discover our SKINCARE ESSENTIALS …

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Sarah Halliwell, Beauty Editor

There are so many things I love and could mention, from SkinCeuticals’ genius antioxidant serums to Sisley’s beautifully fragrant new Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, a rather magical moisturiser, but really SPF is the one essential. If I could change anything about my teens and 20s it would be wearing proper sunscreen rather than soaking up the sunshine at any opportunity. You think you’re invincible at that age, but it’s so crucial if you care about your skin, let alone your health, and it’s only later that you see the consequences of getting too much sun. My aunt, in her 70s, has always avoided the sun and consequently looks 20 years younger with amazingly even skin tone. I’m currently using bareMinerals original powder foundation as it gives instant mineral protection. People get nervous of powders as they used to be heavy, clogging and tricky to match to your skin tone, but I find a light dusting of this one, buffed in, covers up patchy bits while giving a veil of sun protection.

Aislinn Coffey, Style Editor

I would have to nominate Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion, (€4.99 for 250ml at Boots), which softens my very dry skin. I just love the fragrance of this moisturiser as it is evocative of good times. My favourite beauty “tool” is a face cloth: I cannot live without one!

Tracy Ormiston, Advertising Sales Director

As much as I hate to admit this, for many years my cleansing routine pretty much consisted of washing my face with a bar of soap! Seavite’s Super Nutrient Comfort Cleanser has opened up a whole new world. The lotion, which is made in Ireland, removes all traces of make-up with ease without stripping my skin’s moisture and leaves it feeling soft and fresh. €25 for 200ml, it’s available in all good pharmacies.

Laura Kenny, Art Director

Nivea In-Shower moisturiser is my all-time skincare hero product. A quick application while in the shower is the fast-track to lovely soft skin. It’s perfect for someone like me who can’t be bothered with the extra step of moisturising after the shower.

Penny McCormick, Acting Features Editor

I’m a huge fan of beauty oils and in particular Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil. It’s by Irish facialist Una Brennan, (who is one of London’s best-kept secrets), and is a lovely blend of natural ingredients, with a subtle scent. Having discovered it a couple of year’s ago, it’s now an essential part of my (double) cleansing routine. €20.99 at Boots.

Síomha Connolly, Assistant Editor – Digital

If I could only choose one skincare product to use for the rest of my life it would have to be moisturiser. My favourite is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream which I apply both morning and night. If I could choose two, I’d nominate their Midnight Recovery Concentrate as well, a really soothing oil to apply before bed – also the key to faking a great night’s sleep! Even if you feel groggy, you won’t look it if you’ve applied this the night before.

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