The Perfumes The Gloss Team Are Wearing This Week

What are your some of your favourites? THE GLOSS team share the SCENTS they’re currently spritzing …


The power of perfumes shouldn’t be overlooked – their ability to evoke both psychological and sensory responses, immediately transporting you back to a certain time or place, making you feel a certain way, is second to none. Perfumes are one of the most intimate products in our beauty collections, an extremely personal preference, and we tend to stick with our chosen scent if we find one that works. But like our wardrobes, our perfumes too need updating when a new season comes around, and as the mood in the weather begins to lighten we share the scents that we’re wearing this week …


Sarah Halliwell, Beauty Editor

This week, like every week, I’m wearing a different scent each day according to mood and whim. Choosing just one signature perfume would be impossible; I’m passionate about perfume and keep random bottles in my car, bag and desk for hits of instant pleasure, whether it’s fresh beachy cologne or a hit of something warm and spicy. This week, though, I’m especially addicted to Frederic Malle’s Superstitious, a collaboration with Alber Elbaz – a huge and dramatic floral that’s both old-school yet modern at the same time. It’s the kind of perfume that’s entirely distracting – it’s like a grand floral opera when you first spray it, rich yet bright, and yet it changes on your skin minute by minute to a soft boudoir rose that you’ll catch traces of right at the end of the day. You could save it for special evenings out but I reckon it’s too beautiful not to wear every day, like pairing a Chanel jacket with jeans. Talking of Chanel, I can’t wait to wear the forthcoming new Gabrielle scent launching this autumn – I’ve had a sneak preview of it with Chanel perfumer Olivier Polge and can’t give away any details just yet, but both the scent and bottle are entirely stunning.


Aislinn Coffey, Style Editor

I am faithful to Eau des Merveilles by Hermes. It’s a woody amber fragrance that I layer with another peppery fragrance – Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. Neither are floral or girly, and each smells different on different people. I wear the two together going out on weekends only. People invariably ask me what I am wearing and though it’s a compliment I don’t like giving away this scent secret!

That said, I stumbled across a new fragrance last weekend and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. I should add this never happens to me. It’s a collaboration from independent classically-trained perfumers, Geza Schoen, Mark Buxton and Bertrand Duchaufour –  Project Renegades. I’m going to buy the Project Renegades Bertrand Duchaufour Eau De Parfum (complete with detachable cowboy fridge magnet) from Seagreen ( – I believe they stock the best edit of fragrances in the city.


Tracy Ormiston, Advertising Sales Director

My go-to for years has been the iconic Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin fragrance but at the moment I’m spritzing Eight & Bob Memoires de Mustique. As the name implies the scent is inspired by memories of the beautiful island of Mustique; playground of the rich and famous! It is a bright, fresh, sparkling scent with delicate exotic overtones. Ingredients include bergamot, jasmine, neroli, percious woods and white musks. I find this glamorous grown up scent irresistible.


Laura Kenny, Art Editor

Chloe is my favourite perfume of all time. I love its floral powdery fragrance which is feminine but not too overpowering or sweet. The pretty bottle wrapped in a pink ribbon first caught my eye back in 2009 and I have been addicted ever since. Even when I try other fragrances, Chloe is the one I always go back to.


Penny McCormick, Acting Features Editor

My signature fragrance for the last 20 years has been Donna Karan’s little-known, cult perfume Chaos; it’s a heady concoction of musk and amber with cinnamon notes. When I interviewed Ms Karan in New York she recognised the scent immediately and gave me a few bottles – apparently it was her favourite too. Her late husband, Stephan Weiss, designed the original bottles which now command quite high prices on ebay. It went out of production last year which left me devastated. Since then, I’ve been wearing Salvatore Ferragamo’s Terra Rossa (from the Tuscan Soul range) which is another oriental, amber-based fragrance. However, for summer I usually find myself drawn to lighter, citrussy scents. Mediterraneo by the iconic Capri perfumeria Carthusia is a favourite, as is the new Sweet Basil + Bergamot fragrance by Cork-based organic perfumers Waters + Wild (, on sale at pop up Seven Wood (51C Dawson & Duke Street, Dublin).


Síomha Connolly, Assistant Editor 

I’ve always found it difficult to find a scent that I really love. Because of that I’ve never really been a big perfume person but lately I’ve been trying to uncover one that will work well for me. I recently tried Chloe’s Love Story Eau Sensuelle (the third in their Love Story collection) and it’s gradually growing on me. It’s quite light and floral and with top notes of orange blossom it suits me down to the ground as I’m a sucker for a sweet scent. It won’t be my signature scent, I think I’ll have to hunt a bit longer for that, but it will certainly work for this spring as a light, floral fragrance to wear day-to-day.

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