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Beauty Editor SARAH HALLIWELL shares the NEW PRODUCTS to add to your MAKE-UP BAG now …

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There’s an appealing new simplicity in the beauty world right now. If you admire insouciant French women such as Isabelle Huppart and Caroline de Maigret – who champion the uncontrived as opposed to the try-hard – this season and the next bring inspiration.

The beauty giants are handing back more control over how we make up: CLINIQUE are encouraging a hands-on, back to the lab approach with their BIY Blend It Yourself Pigment Drops (€34), designed to mix in with your moisturiser to transform it into tinted coverage that’s as light as you like. It’s a way of championing an individual, custom-made approach. And it’s neat for travelling, too. Expect to see plenty more such custom-blends. YSL make-up artist Fred Letailleur has good advice when it comes to achieving a fresh, glowing look: “Target skin precisely – really look at it and treat it in segments, to keep control of your make-up rather than using an all-over approach. In the long term, skin benefits from a softer coverage rather than a full mask.” Make-up-loving teens take note.

It’s old-school, but the talcum powder (€30) from Dublin’s elegant SANTA MARIA NOVELLA boutique is a delight, from its pretty box to its light soft fragrance. Shake on with abandon. We’re considering going pink just for one day, with L’OREAL PARIS Colorista wash-out hair colour (€10.75); it positively encourages rebellion. Finally, we keep double-taking when we spot dragon’s blood as an ingredient in skincare. In fact, it has nothing to do with Game of Thrones – it’s a red-coloured tree sap with anti-inflammatory properties, traditionally used to heal wounds. Feel its benefits in facialist Su-Man’s Velvet Skin Brightening Serum (£98stg;, a shake-to-mix potion rich in omegas.

Sarah Halliwell

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