How To Find Your Perfect Foundation, By Armani’s Make-up Maestro

Do you need some help finding your PERFECT FOUNDATION? We’ve got advice from GIORGIO ARMANI artist LINDA CANTELLO to help you find your match …

ARMANI SS17 - Beauty 002
Giorgio Armani SS17

Are you having trouble finding your perfect foundation? The sheer variety and number of bottles and powders piled high on the beauty shelves can be overwhelming, and finding the right shade and texture for your skin tone can be an endless mission. How many of us hoard glass bottles full of latte-coloured liquid that we realised was entirely wrong after just one wearing? And once we do find one that suits us, the temptation is to buy in bulk and never waver. “I think there are many reasons that we struggle to find the right foundation,” notes International Make-up Artist for Giorgio Armani, Linda Cantello, a doyenne who has worked with every great photographer since the 1980s and created some of the most iconic ad campaigns and magazine covers. “Women don’t realise our skin changes constantly, affected by the weather, seasons, stress, fatigue, diet and so on, so sometimes a foundation that once worked very well for our needs doesn’t anymore.” Cantello knows more than most about the subject: Armani is legendary for its foundations, and Luminous Silk and Fluid Sheer have now dominated the scene for more than 17 years; we know many devotees who still won’t consider anything else. Her advice? “Do your homework: check out the brands and foundations that interest you, ask to try on your skin, maybe one on half of your face, then another on the other side, and be aware of the the most important thing – don’t be pressured into buying until you have checked your skin in natural light. What looks good in a department store may look completely different in other situations.”

NEW TECH The newest Armani formula is Power Fabric, a highly pigmented lightweight fluid with an SPF25 filter in 15 shades. So how does it improve on existing long-wears? “Power Fabric was created as an answer to various demands – customer, studio, film, runway, live video – where retouching/photoshop is not an option, and constant powdering can look very heavy,” notes Cantello. “For example, I used it on a digital shoot last week and after three hours with minimal powdering just around the nostrils, it still looked fantastic and fresh after 13 hours.” Not everyone wants the same thing from their foundation, and demands are different around the world. “It was interesting to see that in the USA, for example, a lot of women were looking for a long-wear foundation that was comfortable, while in Asia, and especially China, they were looking for a more covering foundation for live internet use and daily wear as heavy pollution is a huge problem for skin.”

ARMANI SS17 - Beauty Prep

Giorgio Armani SS17

THE LOWDOWN So is this for you? Power Fabric has a “luminous matte” finish says Cantello: “Think of a marriage between the new technology of Maestro and Lip Magnet, which were both launched quite recently. It is very different to Luminous Silk and Designer Lift, whose formulas, although breakthrough too, are more like classic foundations. It has a higher level of pigment than other Armani bases, so has more coverage, but its unique formula, and the pigments used still give a very natural effect, unlike other long-lasting foundations which are usually entirely water-based and can look extremely pasty and mask-like.” Cantello’s tip: “Power Fabric can also be used like Fluid Sheer over cheekbones to give a lustre to older skin. Just take a tiny bit on fingers and pat high on cheekbones, and don’t come down too low. Contour should always be soft. If you have been a bit heavy-handed, just blend with a tiny touch of your foundation.” It’s certainly suiting the Irish customer: in the first month of launching, sales were higher than in Selfridges London.

SPRING SKIN As for how to wear it this spring, try consulting Cantello’s catwalk look for the Armani SS17 show: “We created a smudged black around the eyes with a broken electric blue liner: I wanted to do a kind of “Burning Man meets Bollywood” look, I loved the idea that it was all very dewy (read hot) and lived-in and that the liner was broken and uneven. I think that worn alone the electric blue could have been difficult, but on top of the smudged black and with the flushed shiny skin it all looked very sexy and sensual.”

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Longwear High Coverage Foundation, €49, exclusive to Brown Thomas;




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